Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

Our weekends seem to just fly by around here. Seems as if one moment it's Friday and we are celebrating and the next it is Monday morning and we are starting another week.

Well, back to celebrating on Friday.... We spent some time at our usual Friday place, Freshfields Village for the Summer Concert Series. We show up with blanket, chairs, food, and drinks and we enjoy the company of our friends and the sounds of the live music. This week we were lucky enough to snag a spot right in front of the stage so we could be easily keep on eye on the kiddos while they danced. Well, some kids dance. Mine wrestle.

Look at that face! Liam was all business in his quest to bring down his older brother. He even brought in some back-up from his friend Carson.

And, FYI, in that last picture Liam was about to swing his leg into Noah's ribs. That's when I dropped my phone and invoked a no kicking rule. Liam was kinda bummed about that one.

We did finally convince them to take a break from wrestle mania and enjoy the music. The boys and I even busted some moves at the end of the night.

Another exciting thing about this weekend was the fact that Wes and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary (I feel very old typing that sentence). I wish I could tell you we had fancy, elaborate plans but we didn't. The truth is that once the boys left to spend some time at Bebe's house we realized we had SO much to get down at our house that we should take advantage of being kid free to accomplish some stuff. Womp-womp. Happy Anniversary honey! Want to clean out a closet or two?! No seriously, we cleaned out closets. Wes said he felt good about giving me the gift of organization for our anniversary, and I have to say - I felt good about getting it!

We did manage to fit in a movie and dinner out in addition to all the cleaning and organizing. I know I don't tell him enough but I feel very blessed to be married to someone who knows exactly what it is that I need. Whether it is a new outfit, a night out, or simply time spent helping organize our chaos, Wes is always right there, ready to step up. And after 11 years he is still putting up with me with a smile on his face. Love him for that!

And now it's time to start another week. I have already fit in my run, started some laundry and made my bed on this monday morning. It's amazing what you can do when your kids are still asleep at 8:45!

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